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Tiny Tim's Crutch

HANG ON HANG ON. Thissislike a rap batle right. whoa too drnk to type with hoofs. Sec. This mah mad vers skills.s. Frickin' Prancer thinks he can taek me. I'll show 'im. One of him.

Piss off, I'm hav'n a wunnerful time
Piss off, I'm hav'n a wunnerful time

The haters all pretend I ain't a star,
And Prancer shoves my head into the john.
But all my reindeer bitches at the bar
Know I'm the last to pass out on the lawn.

You doubt my liver-force? What, are you dim?
I stole this drink from last month's Woman's Day.
No wait it came from that lil' wanker Tim--
His crutch is alcohol, or so they say.

Take one part Turkey (Wild), and feel no fear,
Our bad ideas have only just begun--
Three lemonade, then one of Everclear.
And last, one Jägermeister. NOW it's fun.

Th' aforesaid haters, they all lack for class.
And they shall bite my hairy reindeer ass.

I'm ago passout inna gutter filled with dity snow. 'Night.