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Raising Cane: A Family Portrait

Raising Cane: A Family Portrait, by Stephen Cedars

An incestuous, brutally violent society ruled by a cruel Queen Mother. Freedom, family, and love are all at odds in this pitch-black dramedy by Stephen Cedars. Features crude language, dark themes, and intense stage violence.

Victoria Durham, DC Theatre Scene (full review)

"...the brawls alone are worth the cost of a ticket... by far one of Capital Fringe’s guiltiest pleasures. Indulge if you dare."

Catherine Aselford, Washington City Paper Fringe & Purge (full review)

"Eww! And I mean that in the best way... disgustingly graphic and exciting."

Derek Mong, DC Metro Theater Arts (full review)

"...a dark, twisted story with a beautiful message about resistance, revolution, and courage…"

Elliot Lanes, MD Theatre Guide (full review)

"It is incredibly hard to put up this kind of show ...director Christine Lange has risen to the challenge."

Audience reactions:

"If John Waters directed Fight Club ... this year's Hotel Fuck, sans cock ... a hoedown throw-down ... transcendently appalling."

Bug (Christopher Niebling) and Billy (Carl Brandt Long) scrap
May contain fisticuffs.