Shows » The Greatest Science Fiction Show (No One's Ever Seen)

The Greatest Science Fiction Show (No One's Ever Seen)

Julie’s hunt for a long-lost Sci-Fi show takes a surreal turn. With the help of a local comic book store owner, she uncovers truths about the past that might just save the future. But is the truth just science fiction?

They discover "Live from Cauldron 5," the greatest science fiction show no one's ever seen. In it, the evil Admiral Snarkus threatens to invade the peaceful planet of Alcyon, led by President Sandra Lorry. But Lorry and the colorful characters of Alcyon have problems of their own -- a dwindling energy supply. Will they find the power to defeat Snarkus?

Written by Pamela H. Leahigh, this side splittingly funny show will whisk you away to a galaxy not so far away. Directed by Sara Bickler, director of Capital Fringe’s 2014 Best Drama Award Winner and sold out hit R+J: Star Cross’d Deathmatch.

The uproarious cast features Beth Amann, Jennifer Berry, Christopher Herring, Christopher C. Holbert, Luke Morris, Aubri O'Connor, Paolo Santayana and Stephanie Svec.